“Martina has become a core member of our translator team. She has a great attitude, knows her “stuff”, and she thinks independently, which allows her to often find solutions beyond the expected. She is reliable, detail-oriented, and on time. It’s great when people do what they say they will do – and even go beyond that when they see that it would help a project along. I would recommend her without hesitation – but hope she will always have enough time to work with us.” May 1, 2011

Dagmar Dolatschko, Owner,
Peritus Precision Translations, Inc.

“Martina consistently performed beyond our expectations. She is a resourceful and self-motivated professional, who focuses keenly on the task at hand. Her technical skills and follow-through always assured projects would be handled in the most timely, efficient and productive way. Working with Martina over the years has been exceedingly rewarding. I highly recommend her!” September 14, 2010

Yvonne Stegall, Owner,
TransNation Translations, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Martina on numerous translating/editing projects in the past with great success. She is fun to work with, very detail oriented, creative and a great troubleshooter when it comes to problems with Trados and other technical problems.” January 19, 2010

Christiane Rosa,
Owner of Precision Translation

“I know Martina Heine-Kilic from a business and a personal standpoint, and dealing with her has ALWAYS been a pleasure. As the former Project Manager for one of the best translation agencies I have worked with, Martina made my life as a freelance translator so much easier. Her attention to details and her precise communication skills resulted in avoided extra work and pleased clients. I also work closely with Martina as a colleague, on the board of the Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association. Her dedication to the mission of the association and her willingness to share her time and knowledge are impressive. Martina’s attitude, always professional and friendly, makes her rank high in my list of favorite people in both, a business and personal environment. Because of the work ethics I’ve come to admire in her, I am sure her work as an Independent Translator is just as outstanding as she has proven to be in the two areas I’ve worked with her. I strongly recommend her as a business partner!” May 1, 2011

Norma Pace, Freelance English to Spanish Translator

Vice President 2012 and former President of the Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association