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Do you need your corporate sales video or e-learning course translated into German and also recorded?

Or do you already have the material translated, ready for production?
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E-mail your script to me and receive a free sample recording, to see if my voice is right for your project.

Translation of audio script

Essential to this type of translation work is the timing and editing necessary to make the new audio match the old in length, nuance and tone. The translation will be put through a rigorous quality assurance process.


For most projects, the recording can be done in my home studio (equipped with high-quality microphone, audio recording and editing software). The finished audio files can be delivered by e-mail or via ftp upload. For high-profile projects I work with local professional studios. I am also willing to travel and record on-site.

Voice description

I am a native speaker of German. English narration can be delivered with a slight European accent, or, alternately, a heavy German accent. Also fluent in Spanish.


Teacher, authority, soothing, conversational, honest, friendly, instructional quality for presentations, trainings, e-learning courses etc., especially in the medical field.


I have been trained by the renowned voice-over Coaches Bob Michaels (www.bobsvoice.com) and Bettye Zoller (www.voicesvoices.com) and continuously seek to learn more about the art of voice-over, participating in seminars, webinars and workshops, to keep my skills fresh.

Examples of recent projects

Instructional narration:

On-camera voice-overfor instructional video about an insulin pump for Animas. Professional production on-site.
E-learning forZimmer medical staff. Recorded in my home studio.Industrial Reading for Morgan Molten Metal Systems


L’Oréal multilingual collage for tradeshow in Europe. Recorded in State-of-the-Art Studio in Dallas.


My rates vary according to the type of recording and what it is used for (broadcast, internet, internal use only etc.) Email your script to me at voiceover@heinewords.com and receive a free sample recording, to see if my voice is right for your project.

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