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“Translating is like solving a crossword puzzle, with an almost compulsive fascination…”

                                       Martina Heine-Kilic

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My goal is to craft content that reads as though it was originally written in the target language, making sure that the intended message, tone, and terminology all remain intact. 


Verification of correct terminology, researching terms when necessary. Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, minor structural problems and minor stylistic problems are checked and corrected if necessary. Editing is usually done in bilingual format (Trados).


When proofreading, your foreign language texts will be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes, punctuation, sentence structure, verb tenses, consistency of cross-references or translations of User Interface strings, etc. Final proofreading is usually done after Desktop Publishing, to make sure that your documents are error free.

Quality Assurance - Multilingual Reviews

I can be your final set of eyes for multilingual texts. With a keen eye for detail, I will review your documents for missing or incorrect punctuation, grammatical and formatting errors (including font and spacing variances) as well as improper paragraphing, indentation and alignment.

Software/Localization Testing

Software/Localization Testing consists of checking all areas affected by localization:

· User interface and contents

· Areas specific to language and region,

· Basic functionality tests,

· Verification of quality, accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the translation

· Thorough comparison of the translation with printed documentation, online and context help.

Testing is usually done on-site with your localization team, but can be done remotely in many cases as well.

Project Management for large projects involving multiple languages

I can help you with your large (or small) projects that involve several languages, to ensure that they are handled in the most efficient and productive manner. Working closely with an extensive network of professional translators, I can also help you put together translation teams of trusted colleagues in the appropriate field of expertise while remaining your single point of contact.

Voice-Over Services


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